Common problems in modern society

Technological Indifference

In today's information-rich society, people are using electronic devices almost 24 hours a day, and communication has changed to using electronic devices to communicate. More and more people are immersed in their own world, resulting in communication between people. It has become less and less, so I hope to pick up communication through design or increase the physical interaction between people to make their relationship better.

Design guidelines


Increase interaction


Improve relationships

Playing with toys is regardless of age. In fact, everyone has a childlike innocence in their hearts and has rich imagination, and space always gives people a mystery, so I hope to arouse the simple childlike innocence in everyone’s heart through games. Temporarily away from the world of video games, interact more with friends, relatives and even strangers around you, and work together through teamwork to complete this game.

About Black hole

Spaceship : Magnet positive
Black Hole : Magnet negative (Attract each other with the spaceship)
Destination : Magnet positive(make spaceship fly)

Black hole diagram

Spaceship : Magnet positive

The track wall of the maze can be changed and the difficulty of the maze can be set by self!

When in a black hole, no one knows the path inside so it must be controlled by feeling until the spacecraft breaks away from the black hole.

There are three possibilities for the destination of the black hole:
1: connected to another black hole
2: Back to the starting point
3: Stuck in the black hole (you can choose to directly open the product and take the space shuttle out)


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