Hyena Claim Web

2023 - 2024
Hyena Claim Web is an after-sales service platform for Hyena E-Bike System. It allows e-bike dealers to conveniently file claims and purchase parts, and providing the Hyena service centers with an easy-to-use tool for order management and tracking.

My Roles on this product 🚀

As Product Manager

In this project, I led the development using a waterfall methodology, strategically managing limited resources and a tight timeline. My leadership ensured the project stayed on track and met the defined goals and standards.

Key responsibilities included:

  • Define the Product Goal, Structure, and Specifications: Established clear product goals, logical architecture, and functional specifications to guide the development process.

  • Release Planning: Created and managed release schedules to ensure timely delivery.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Worked closely with stakeholders to prioritize features and enhancements that aligned with business objectives.

  • Cross-Functional Team Leadership: Led cross-functional teams, coordinating efforts across different departments to ensure cohesive product development.

  • Front-End Outsourcing Management: Engaged with external vendors for front-end development, overseeing inquiry and collaboration processes to ensure alignment with project requirements.

  • User Testing and Report: Conducted thorough product testing reports.

Key Achievements:

  • Successfully delivered the product within a four-month timeframe, meeting the project’s tight deadlines and resource constraints.

  • Effectively communicated detailed specifications to external vendors, facilitating accurate estimations and efficient development processes.

  • Provided a functional product to dealers, enhancing their operational capabilities.

Challenges 💪🏽

Challenge 1 - Managing External Outsourcing

Challenge 2 - Ensuring Quality with Limited Resources

Diagrams of Product Structure 🏗️

Claim status

Screenshots of Key Product Features 📍


File a claim

Manage an order

Lessons Learned 📚

Lesson 1 - Importance of Clear Communication with outsourcing

Lesson 2 - Balancing Quality and Speed

Lesson 3 - Agile Elements in Waterfall Projects


Product Management & Design

Industrial Design