For people who don’t have the internet while travel or on a business trip.

Q: Do you ever met these problems during the trip?

1. How to know the route of the destination?

Traveling abroad, living in a foreign country, carrying large bags of luggage, if the mobile phone does not have an Internet, often rely on map paper at this time-but with a large bag of luggage in hand, how to get a paper map ?

2. Language Barrier

It is also assumed that when in other countries, they are even more faced with the problem of language barriers, which makes it impossible to communicate with local residents without knowing where to go.







  • choose language

  • sign up

  • log in

  • Current position

  • Device list

  • Enter destination

  • nearby tourist locations

  • Search device return place

  1. Get Device

  2. Check device status

  1. Return device

  1. pay

  • Change profile info

  • Change password

  • forget password

  • Map zoom in/out

  • nearby locations

  • forget password

  • select destination

  • GPS Map

  • route guidance

  • sensing device

  • instrument rental time

  • Easy card

  • credit card

  • phone verification

  • browse by category
    (type of location / foods / shopping )

  • change destination

  • Device out of power

  • continue to rent device

  • cash

Portable Map uses a rental method, a light body, and a convenient way to carry it. From now on, even if you are in a foreign country and your phone does not have an Internet connection, you can always know your current location at any time.

On the back is the function button. If you want to change the destination temporarily, long press the center button to turn on the microphone function. At this time, speak to the destination at Portable Map. After confirming the destination is correct, press the center button again to confirm the location.

The red dot on the surface of the instrument indicates north, and the red light displayed in the middle transparent ring is the current orientation.



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